My experience with the Law of Attraction.

My experience with the Law of Attraction.

Hello Peeps,

Have you watched the movie Aladdin?

Long before I watched it as a movie, I remember watching a serial about Aladdin, and his magic oil lamp. I was still a kid, and knowing that someone like a magic man or genie could help you do unimaginable things,  was fascinating. I dreamt of it, and would get goosebumps thinking about what if I had this power! Little did I know that everything which we see on TV or read in books has a certain level of truth. I mean how can someone get an idea of something which never existed?


It’s kinda vicious circle. However, like everyone else, I stopped dreaming about Genie and started living like everyone else. Cribbing, and crying. It was a coincidence (or rather I would say, it was destined to happen), that I came across the book ‘The Secret’. If you have read it or watched it on Netflix, you know that it is about the Law of Attraction. If you haven’t, here is what Law of Attraction is (Wikipedia definition):-

It is a New Age belief based on the concept that “like attracts like” and that by focusing on positive thoughts, such as affirming to yourself that you will win a million dollars, your thoughts and affirmations will subsequently manifest themselves by granting you the one million dollars. Your thoughts are similar to magnets. Positive thoughts will attract positive outcomes and vice versa for negative thoughts.

Sounds fun, right? And sounds easy too! Aha! You dream of it, you get it! How I wish it was so easy! 

Yes, the genie exists, in the form of Universe but opening that magic oil lamp is not that easy!

I was so much fascinated by the book ‘The Secret‘ that I started day-dreaming, and would visualize many magical things happening with me. But something I learned from my LOA experimentation of initial days is that ‘don’t dream big INITIALLY!’ While you are still reading and learning about it, don’t dream of ‘becoming CEO of your company‘. Because it would take time off course (I swear it will happen but with time, and your efforts), and you might start feeling that LOA is fake! But it’s not. I swear! (Mother’s promise 😉 )

I read Pam Grout’s book E-squared (you can read it too if you want to experiment with LOA), and it had many small exercises to prove that LOA exists. I mean, you can get a proof in 48 hours! Isn’t it amazing! Of all the experiments (There are 9 experiments mentioned in total as you can see in the image on the left), I tried seven, and four of them worked. A success rate of more than 50% is not bad, you see!

It gave me a boost to read more, explore more! In the meantime, I kept getting to read more such stories which strengthen my belief. (You can read this story featured on Humans of Bombay. The girl in the story talked about the book ‘The Secret’ and how she used the techniques mentioned in the book to get her dream job).

Not that I did not experience anything magical, but I guess I was expecting more! However, there is a small yet big thing in our life which happened unknowingly; I mean we didn’t know that it could be termed as ‘LOA‘, and now that we realize it was happening!

So, now you all must be knowing that due to health concerns, I am not working for the last 3 years.


 While I was working, even though both of us (husband and I) were earning a decent salary we would strive hard to save anything. We were always worried about spending ‘LESS’ and saving ‘MORE’. 

But it never happened!

After I took leave from my job, we were always uncertain about managing EMI of our house and my medical bills. In between all the chaos, we decided to sponsor a kid’s education. Along with that, every now and then we would send some good amount to the NGO for kids winter clothing, new year celebration, and other stuff. Not that we did this keeping in mind about the Law of Attraction, we just wanted to help someone. Random people helped us when we were in need, and this was just a way to ‘give back’ in whatever way we could.

Almost every month or so, we would donate some amount to Milaap foundation while sometimes we would buy food for shelter homes. (Please note that we never bothered about doing such good acts before, we were always busy dealing with our own mess!)

Months ago, my husband and I were on walk after dinner. And here is something we noticed.

For the last three years, even though I am not earning, we never got money issues! For some way or the other, things always worked out. I remember five months after my leave, we started having some issues with money.

Before we could even bother about how things are going to work out now, the husband got a better job with much better pay than we expected. And it happened all of a sudden. A random call from an acquaintance and things moved pretty fast! 

My parents visit us very often. Initially, we thought that it would be very hard to manage the expenses of four people for six months WITH just one person working, ALONG with my medical bills WHILE eating everything organic. But surprisingly, things worked out!

And above everything, we have managed to save pretty well!

We don’t know how all this happened!

Here is something we concluded, Law of Attraction works! May be positive thinking doesn’t work (I feel that it’s not possible to remain positive always). But, here is something which works.

What you give is what you get!

Giving Out What You Most Want, Comes Back To You Better Than You Imagine.

The problem with LOA is that it is there, but it is poorly understood. It has become a money-making business. Taking the negativity out of this concept, what if I tell you, that everything you dream of, can be achieved! What if I tell you that there IS a way of opening that magic oil lamp, though it takes efforts and patience? What if I tell you that you can create your life, the way you want!

Of course, I am still on my way to explore this and create my life, but we can surely talk more about it, and what all things I am doing to move ahead in life while remaining in alignment with my bigger purpose! (May be you can email me if you want to talk more about it.)

Do share your views/experience in the comment section, and maybe it can help others who read this article! 

Good vibes, and abundance on your way…


How to face your fear AND befriend courage :)

How to face your fear AND befriend courage :)

Hey peeps,

Months ago, I was walking in the trail when I saw a beautiful deer. I was amazed. It’s not normal to see deer, and here it was, an alert, beautiful piece of art standing in front of me. It made me so happy that I decided to stand there so that I could watch it more. Few more movements when it didn’t recognize that it was being watched, however just as it came into the consciousness of being watched, it ran!

Hey! Hey! I am not gonna harm you! I didn’t move either. i just wanted to watch you. Please don’t run!

Ha! I wish it had listened to me, and faced it’s fear. May be we could be good friends, and I could bring home made food for it for my next trail visit! You missed a great opportunity my DEER!

Well, we do behave pretty similar when it comes to facing the fear. We panic, and the heart signals the mind to run! While it’s easy to run from an enemy, it gets nearly impossible to run from ‘Fear of Unknown’.

Fear of next doctor’s appointment.

Fear of talking to stranger.

Fear of speaking up in a meeting.

Fear of asking for a hike.

And the list is long enough to fill our day with virtual uncertainties, and jittery feelings.  While fear has some important message to convey, fighting with the feeling makes us skip the learning, and we get stuck fighting our inner demons. Here are some of MY go-to-methods. I hope it helps you too:

  • Invite them to tea: There are times things go out of control. You want to speak to someone, but you can’t. It’s something personal. An uncomfortable feeling runs in your body, and you want to run. It happens with me every time I have a doctor’s appointment. I don’t want share it with my husband as I feel like he is telling me same thing every month, and I still don’t get it. Lol. Anyone who lives with Cancer can tell you that how overcoming fear can be an ever-evolving process. I get up, I fall again, and the cycle continues. However, something I do many times is to ‘invite my fear to a tea party‘ where we chillax, and talk to each other about our needs. A warm cup of tea in my hand, and I sit in silence trying to sip in the fear, and ask myself, ‘What is something which is making me afraid?’ As we talk, ‘Fear‘ relaxes, loosen up, and so do I. It helps! At least till the time, it doesn’t knock me again!
  • Talk to friends/family: When ‘YOU’ can’t be your best friend, look for support. It Give your fear a voice. Call someone. Speak up. It’s perfectly fine if you want to cry. Cry your heart out. Feel the ‘feeling‘ again, and vent out every insecurity which is making your mind a battleground. Most of the times the other person would push you harder to make you climb the wall of courage however, even if doesn’t happen, you will see the walls of your fear falling down. You can see the other side, which is not that scary, I promise! (And in case you have no one to talk to, send me an email. I can be your ‘Fear buddy’.)
  • Meditate/Pray: Trust the divine, when you can’t trust yourself. In the last 3 years of my Cancer journey, there are days I have lost hope, I have cried infinitely, I wanted to jump from building, but I survived, and I am still standing strong. Something which helps me when nothing else does, is to remember the divine. I remember once I read in a book by ‘Wayne Dyer’ that he pulls an imaginary rope, and holds it whenever he feel down. The idea clicked me. While I cry, I just try to hold my cloth, or a bed sheet part, or anything and imagine that it’s God’s finger. Trust me, it works. It makes me calm. Somehow my inner child knows that she is being protected, and she is relaxed. There are many days when the only way I could sleep is by holding the pillow cover.
  • Fake it till you make it: Alfred Adler developed this therapeutic practice in 1920 where he asked to ‘fake‘ the feeling, till you get used to it. While there are times you just want to surrender to fear, ‘try’ putting a courageous face once. Every time I visit Cancer hospital, my inner child cries like anything. I want to run, scream, and do whatever could be done to avoid the visit. But, alas! I can’t. And therefore, I try to put a courageous face. I smile a lot. I talk a lot. To every receptionist, every nurse, every volunteer.

  Hey! I din’t feel any pinching while you took out blood. You know your job so well! Thank you!

  I like your watch. Where did you get this from?

  Hey Nicole, what’s the plan for Halloween? I am sure your son would be pretty excited.

Funny enough, now I know many staff from the hospital. Sometimes even when we don’t interact, I get a warm ‘I KNOW YOU‘ smile. No, No! I am not a courageous person, even though I am practicing this for last 3 years, but I surely have made some difference in my thought process, and in the lives of many people.

How do you get yourself to a point of believing? Start make-believing. Be like a child, and make-believe. Act as if you have it already. As you make-believe, you will begin to believe you have received.Rhona Byrne

  • Visualize: Have you tried visualization? It works! I remember when i had to teach Yoga in my building, I was scared like anything, I had never faced and talked to 10-15 people together, and then I thought of trying to visualize. And I swear, the actual experience turned out to be better! There are times you are afraid of a meeting, presentation, or you have a meeting with your manager. You want to give your best! Try visualization. Sit for 5-7 minutes. Imagine the scenario. How are you dressed, what are you talking about. Imagine yourself being confident, and talking about your points in a clear and concise way. And at the end imagine that the other person is happy with the conversation, and you too are proud of how you handled the situation. Try doing to as many times as you can. May be before going to bed, or just rising from bed. Tell me how it goes. 🙂 I can assure you that it’s gonna help you!
  •  Move your ass: This is nothing new I am gonna talk about. ‘Move you body’ buddy. Exercise releases hormones which makes your body relax. It helps clear the fog of your mind, so that you can see a clear path ahead, and know which way to proceed. Doesn’t matter if it is as simple as skipping, running or 15 minutes of Yoga. It will help you snap out to fear feedback loop.

Being afraid doesn’t make you inadequate. And I have never met anyone who is not afraid of ‘nothing‘. But everyone finds his/her way of dealing it. I see thousand faces of fear every month when I visit Hospital. Some look scared, while some hide it behind their face, some will accompany it to the prayer room, while some decide to cry.  And trust me, every form is beautiful in it’s own ways.

Fear is one of biggest enemy one can have! It’s lying there in a dormant state. Always! When triggered, it comes in various shapes, size, people, events, and experiences. But if you see clearly, it is trying to make you a better person. Either you face or surrender to it, both ways the universe is teaching you the best of it’s lessons, ‘Face it, even if you hate it or Let go of what you can’t control.’

Universe always gives you more than you would have asked for. If not a gift, may be a lesson, which is going to help you. Always!

What do YOU do to befriend your fear? Share in comments 🙂

May you face your fears, and spread courage, and positivity,