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Together we can shine!
Stage IV Cancer Thriver and Wellness Advocate!

Hiya people!
It took me so many iterations to write something about me.

Most of the time, ‘About me‘ lists down the achievements of a person. When I look back to my life, I have not done anything extraordinary in my life. Like everyone, I get up everyday and look for little things to make my day happy.

But there has been a change. A craving for stability and good life. I am slowly understanding things and looking at life with new dimensions. I won’t say that I know many things, but there is a peace knowing that I am moving ahead. There are moments I cherish, things I notice and days I celebrate.

Here, I am just trying to write down every experience I go through. This is my soul space, a place to share about everything which matters. Through blogs I will share about health, happiness, spirituality, healthy living and everything which is helping me to stay fit.

May be you can relate, may be you can’t. May be you feel good reading the content, may be you know everything! Whatever is the case, I would want you to read a little more. I can assure that there would be things which would help you grow as a better person. This place is as divine as my prayers, as messy as my thoughts and as robust as my health. I promise to make every read a beautiful one where you get to talk about health, happiness, spirituality, wisdom and much more!

My Latest Release

I write. I write about how I feel. Not yesterday, not last month, I write about how I feel right now. Most of the time, it's about my feelings. I always thought that I am different because I am over-emotional. And when it didn't feel right expressing them in the real world, writing about them felt okay. The pages did not judge me. And very slowly, they started giving me answers too.

The book is the compilation of those answers. Solutions that help me heal and find a way whenever I am confused. This book is not a self-help book per se though it might look like. It will try to remind you that you are important, and the world needs you.

Upcoming Books