Hey gorgeous,

Every time I stand in front of mirror, I see a dusky girl, with big nose, small eyes and acne spots.It makes me uncomfortable.

‘Why do I have such complexion? God, At least you could have given me good height!’

I admit that I have hated myself more than loving myself. I have felt inferior in front of people with good features, complexion and height. It has made me feel small and venerable. I am sure this happens to most of us because most of us are far from being perfect. Some of us struggle with uneven weight, and complexion while few like me struggle with everything! But then the baseline remains the same: We can not change how we look. ( unless you decide to go for plastic surgery!)

Okay, so here we are accepting that we are not beautiful!  AND we are far from being perfect.

But can we do something about it? Absolutely yes!
Here I have few things I do to make myself feel beautiful when I feel the other way! Try it πŸ™‚
  • Smile more often: Have you seen yourself smiling in the mirror? Did you like it? Now, don’t say ‘No‘! Even if you have big teeth, or have braces, a genuine smile makes you beautiful. Your soul reflects from your eyes. A genuine smile is like showing someone your true self, and your true self is always ‘most beautiful.’
  • Be kind:- Have you seen any homeless person on road feeding a dog? What was your first thought about him? Did you bother about his dress, smile, nose or complexion? Or the first thing you had in your mind was ‘He is such a nice man!‘ The fact is that kindness is infectious. It’s fast in travelling from someone else’s heart to yours. It makes the other ignore your flaws, and the only thing he sees in you in ‘your good heart’. Be kind to everyone. Ask if there is anyway you can be helpful. A little care goes a long way!
  • Find something good about yourself:- Now, don’t say that you don’t find anything good about yourself! There is always something good in everyone ( even if you are like me, lol). I like my smile. I also like the fact that I am not overweight and I can wear what I want. There must be something good in you too! If you are not able to see it, ask your parents. ( They would hand you a list of thousand points! .) If you don’t trust them , ask your friends! Every one has something good about him/her, you just have to find that and enhance it. For example, I know that my smile is good therefore, I try to smile more in front of people (It is still not a habit, though I am trying). If your hairs or eyes are good, do something with to make it more visible.
  • Improve your personality:- A good way to start improving your personality is to work on improving your skills. Expand your interest. Dare to know more about everything. Knowledge gives confidence. It helps you build trust on yourself. It makes your believe that you have something to contribute. Along with that, there are other things like working on communication skills, being supportive and easygoing person. Chose whatever you feel is easy to start. The key is to keep moving.
  • Change your mindset:-  They say that face is the mirror of your nature.What you feel inside reflects on your face. Positivity helps to lower down your stress level. Howard Murad, MD, founder of Murad skincare did a study and found out that reading positive affirmations reduced the blood pressure and stress level of the participants. It sure does something good!
While everyone says that ‘Believe that you are beautiful, and you will be so!’, I feel that it has not worked in my case.
Just reading out the affirmations with a little trust in heart does not serve any good. But by empowering ourselves by making these small changes definitely helps in a long run!