Hiya people!
How many times does it happen to you that you just feel ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in a situation or for a person?
I have heard this from many couples who say that It just felt like he/she is the one! for their respective partners. Is it the logical mind which says so or something else? Let’s use our logical mind to analyze so! 🙂

Logical mind works on patters and beliefs.

And most importantly our logical mind loves to breed on problems. Remember how time files when you solve a crossword puzzle?Or Sudoku many be. It applies everything of what we know to figure out what we don’t know! But, intuition is different. It does not work from here. Then how does it work? And how can we describe it? Honestly, it’s tough to captivate it in words. Spiritual Teacher Eckhart Tolle defines Intuition as  a kind of knowing, but you don’t know how you got there. In his words It’s a sudden arising of knowledge or knowing something, but “I don’t know how I know this”. What is at work here is non-conceptual intelligence, when intuition arises.

And as we know that the deeper intelligence or the intelligence of the universe is always right!

But the problem is that we have limited our connection with this divine thing. We have become dependent on external parameters to make our decisions. I remember, every time I had to upload a new profile picture on Facebook, I HAD to get it validated from my husband. ‘Do I look good? Are the lights Okay in this picture? I hope this is my best capture!’
And it never ended here!
I would wait to count the number of likes on the picture. More likes would strengthen the choice while less count would make me question my own liking! When I think about it now, it appears so weird. But that’s how we have been programmed now a days. The hyper connection to digital world has weakened our own decision making abilities. It has moved us farther from that ‘universal intelligence’ which is the basis of human existence.

But can we break this cycle?

Of course we can. With a little awareness, and resistance to go back to the old pattern, we can reconnect or tap again into our intuitions. Here are the few things which can help!
  • Practice Stillness:– Stillness has answers to world’s most convoluted puzzles.It gives space to our intuitive mind to shower its wonders. It is within us, we just have to give it freedom and openness. Quiet the mind and still the body. Now take 2-3 deep breathe. Try to feel the energy moving inside the body. You do not have to do it for longer hours. Just few long breaths in a day will help you to strengthen the connection. Stillness is about ‘being in the moment’, and whatever keeps your mind from juggling around in the chaos of the world stillness.
  • Tune into your body:– Does it ever happen to you that you are ready to go to a party, your mind says ‘Yaay! We’ll have fun!’ and suddenly you fell like a knot in your stomach? You get a sweet whisper, ‘Don’t go! It’s better at home.’ There is an uneasiness but you just shrug off that feeling. The chances are you would get super bored at the party and would regret that why didn’t you listen to your ‘gut feeling!’  The fact is that your body knows! Therefore,get curious. Define your relationship with your body. How does it feel when you go for a yoga class? Does it feel like a having an experience of well being? Understand the language. The more you get friendly with your body, the more it would be easy for you to catch up those ‘uneasy vibes.
  • Heighten the connection:- After years of practicing meditation, there is something I have learned. It has helped me to heighten the connection with people around. The more we are able to connect with other people, the more we get to know that there is more to their expressions than to just listening. Eyes speak too and so does the tone and volume of speech. As we learn to pick up the signals of other’s reaction, it strengthens our intuition too.
  • Practice:- They say that practice makes a man perfect. This phrase stands true for our intuition too. It’s like a muscle, the more we practice it, the more it will feels at home. ‘Imagining the scenario’ ahead of time works well with me. Let’s say I am confused about joining a new Yoga class. I try to imagine myself taking out time to go there and practice. While visualizing it, I try to keep a track of my feelings. How does it feel? Did it make me feel good or made me uncomfortable? Energy speaks, I just try to listen to it.Try to practice more often starting with small scenarios. With time, It will come natural to you.
  • Trust your subconscious mind:- Dr. Joseph Murphy in his book ‘The Power of your subconscious mind’ says that the treasure house is within you. Its just that we have hard time realizing this fact. But now we know! Here is a piece of advice from his book: If you have been wondering about a problem and howsoever you have tried, you are unable to tap into any solution, hand it over to your subconscious mind.  Speak to your subconscious mind at night and claim boldly that its wisdom, power are guiding and revealing to you the ideal solution to your problem. Sleep with this thought in mind. There is a great chance that by next morning or next day, you will have some solution for sure. Try that. 🙂
Listening to our intuition helps us to believe in ourselves. It gives us an ability to decide what works best for us. It helps us creating a customized plan, a plan exclusively for us.  We are no longer dependent on others ideas and opinions to come to a conclusion. While we can definitely go ahead and ask others views, but at the end of the day, we know what our heart wants! 🙂


Love and peace always,