Hiya people,

Even wonder why do we clean our house in Diwali or Christmas?

Throughout the year, we sweep and wipe the floors, keep the windows clean, dust every dirt from inside outside.  Shouldn’t our home be clean then? Why do we buckle up to do everything again? Because we want a thorough cleaning. We want to dig into the corners of our house, open the drawers, and closet where dirt has accumulated, and throw the unwanted stuff we don’t require. The after effects are of course welcoming. We feel happier, and at peace. We love our home more, and it feels good to live there.

Similarly, even if we eat clean food, do exercise regularly, and try to take care of out mental and physical well being by remaining stress free, our body requires cleaning. Our body is designed to detoxify a host of waste products. All we have to do is assist with the process by keeping out as many sources of toxins as possible while providing the right material to assist in detoxification.

We can think it in this way : We have a good internal build-in vacuum system (the intestinal tract), a washing machine (the liver), lots of cleaning rags and fluids (the lymph and blood), a drain (kidneys), a fan to blow out stale air and toxins (the lungs), and plenty of natural cleaning products (fresh juices loaded with antioxidants, hers and supplements) that will help you get the job done.

Let’s take a step back and understand that from where are we getting these toxins? We eat everything fresh, live in a clean environment, shouldn’t we expect no waste accumulation? Unfortunately, it’s not that straight. There are number of ways our body gets bombarded with toxins everyday.

  • Environmental toxins: Toxins from air, water, and soil. (chemicals in water and soil).
  • Radiation (Do you know that when we fly, the radiation at such higher altitude is almost 40 times higher!)
  • Drugs: Drugs and vaccines are chemicals. Even if they are helping us feel better, they are foreign products which can stick inside.
  • Processed and packed food:  Such food contain preservatives.
  • Mercury from tooth filling.
  • Emotional toxicity : Fear, Anger block out body’s capacity to perform at its best and affect our immune system.

But, where does these toxins go?

Toxins can hide. They can accumulate around the cells, organs. The area around your abdomen where you have accumulated fat is not just fat, it contains toxins which gets clung to those cells. They hide in the mucous lining of our lungs, and stick to liver, intestines. With time the liver as well as other organs start getting congested. i.e Liver is not able to clean the blood properly, kidneys do not remove the waste properly and the accumulated poison get recirculated in the body. In long term, it effects the proper functioning of organs.
How does it affect the body?

As the body gets overloaded with toxins, it effects our overall well being i.e affecting our mood, digestion, sleep, immunity. Following are the common symptoms of toxin overload :

  • Lack of energy and fatigue.
  • Weight gain.
  • Constipation.
  • Pimples or rashes.
  • Frequent cold or flu.
  • Heart problems.
  • Premature aging.
  • Autoimmune disease.
  • Immune Dysfunction

 Above are just to list a few. The assault on our bodies continue year after year, gradually weakening our organs and affecting our ability to fight disease. With time, it may lead to some serious disease too.

While there are no quick fixes or on the go treatment for body cleaning, it’s good to remember that it took years to get these waste accumulated, therefore it’s advisable to go for a periodic detox to keep the body in optimum health. There are thousands of pills available in the market which promise to give extraordinary result. It really depends on you whether you want to go for pills for cleaning, or you want to proceed with juicing. The only thing to remember is that juicing is more natural. Not only does it removes the toxins from body, it also provides the body with minerals and vitamins to function properly.

Detoxing is not mandatory, but should we wait for any breakdown to occur before we take any step forward? Detoxing your body will help you with increased energy, weight loss, blood purification, improved immune system, elimination of toxins and in turn improved mood and body functions. It might help you pave the way for a vibrant health which you have been always dreamed of. 

Love and health always,