Hey peeps!!

Almost two years ago I deactivated my Facebook account.

I wanted to disconnect from almost everything, and find peace in my own company. I tell you, I was content with how my life was shaping. However, couple of days ago, I thought of activating Facebook again just to see what is going on in the life of my friends and acquaintances (I agree that might sound stupid but I am the culprit).

1st pic after my login and I saw one of my school friends enjoying Tomatina festival in Spain.

‘Wow! This looks so exciting!

I scrolled further to see another friend of mine celebrating his 3rd Anniversary in Dubai. With a bit of anxiety AND jealously crawling in my heart, I moved ahead to see another friend celebrating his son’s birthday in Greece. 

‘Okay! Looks like everyone is having fun except me!’

I will be honest.
Looking at those pictures while sitting in the closed one bedroom apartment did not make me feel good. I felt like I was the only one left out in the race of success, happiness, and enjoyment. Anyways, looks like my level of feeling ‘bad’ about my life had not reached it’s farthest potential, may be that’s why I scrolled further. And I could see pictures of celebrities enjoying their lives, Facebook ads where every other person was giving a surety of making MY life amazing, and few unwanted confession pages which had useless stories of love, lust and sex.

In no time I deactivated my Facebook page again. But this time, I took some moment to reflect back: Is this how I want my online space to look like?

Not sure if this happens to you, but in today’s world of social media, where everything looks perfect, I feel that I am an alien who DOES have everyday’s struggle in comparison to those whose life is magical. (Here is a secret, I whine going to Yoga class in winters in comparison to those people who enjoy making snowman daily and posting it on Facebook! :I). Trust me or not, social media has a great impact on our lives, and we can not exist without it. But, I have one question for you:

 If social media would be a person, how would you like that person to be?

For me that person should bring joy not misery. f you are like me who is affected by everything that happens around her, here are the tips to ‘KonMari‘ your account.  Give sometime to clean your social media mess, and for every account you come across, ask the following questions:-

KonMari method calls for systematic decluttering of everything you own. It is made popular by Japanese lady Marie Kondo. The name ‘KonMari’ is taken from her last and first name.

  • Does this account add value to my lives:- Following celebrity accounts can be a trend, but before you follow every other celebrity or Tik Tok star, give it some time to think ‘Does this account help me anyway?’ While your one like or comment can increase their popularity list, you too should get some benefit of following them, right?


  • Why am I following this person?:- So, I am a culprit of this too, but if I see a person with huge fan following, I automatically click on follow button. However, off lately, I have started unfollowing many just because I don’t have any interest in what they post. There are many makeup bloggers on Instagram and Quora. Though they add value, they do not add value to MY life because I am not into makeup. Before following anyone blindly, can we take out a moment to figure out the reason?

  • How am I feeling looking at this post?:– Let’s be honest, not every picture by your friend or acquaintance makes you feel happy, especially when you are going through tough phase. And almost each one of us have ‘that’ one friend who puts thousand pictures every other day. There are times you can just ignore, but there are times it does not make you feel better! Here is what I do, I simply mute those profiles.
  • Does this account spark joy?:- There are times I just want to relax. I don’t want to go outside, I don’t want to put much efforts in switching on the TV. My hands randomly move towards opening Instagram. But what if instead of relaxation, it gives mental agony? I personally make sure to follow accounts which make me laugh. Kid’s video makes me happy. I made sure to follow Stauffer family. Her daughter Mila makes me laugh. Following funny and happy accounts can add a little bit of happiness and joy to our daily life. I will prefer choosing them over following useless Tik tok stars any day.
  • What do I want my online space to look like:- I want my online space to be filled with motivational quotes. I also love practicing Yoga and read about health and wellness stuff. Through my Instagram account, I make sure I follow such accounts which give me daily dose of inspiration plus give me some information which can help me in future. What do you want your online space to look like? Customize your profile, tailor it to give it a look which suits you the most. Your online space should be your sacred space which should help you get better, every single day.

Social media is important. It allows us to connect, share and inspire. But can we wait a moment and think about this line? ‘You are what you consume’. Now here is my question, ‘What are we consuming’ or I would rather ask ‘What are you consuming?’ Don’t consume something which eventually makes your life miserable. Almost every social media account talks about success, freedom and good lives. Look for something real. Someone who talks about failures, importance of consistency, and the struggle behind those good looking pictures.

Life is never always same. With those ups and downs, your companion should be someone who lifts you up on bad days, and be your biggest cheerleader on good days.

 Happy decluttering,