Hey people,
Here is a little story to share.

Today morning while I was doing breathing exercise, I noticed something. There was a big cat like creature in a balcony just in front of my building. I had never seen it. I think the owner wanted his cat to give an outdoor feeling, and that’s why it was there with a big open cage like structure kept on it’s left side. It was moving, and resting and moving again in that small area.

I was enjoying it’s little moves until I saw a small bird (I assume it was Harris’s sparrow) which flew and sat on the railing of balcony. Most probably it was looking for some food, and found it there without realizing that now it was a ‘food’ for someone else! The cat started moving quietly, a little left, a little right with it’s eyes on the sparrow. I tell you I was scared. I did not want anything bad to happen but being too far, there wasn’t much I could do!

Anyways, the tiny bird was changing it’s spots in search of more food, therefore it was getting tough for the cat to adjust it’s position.
You see, both of them were looking for opportunities, a chance to grab it all.

Suddenly, something incredible happened.

A flutter of sparrows flew towards the balcony and took the little bird with them. Their behavior was obvious. They just wanted to save the little unconscious man (or woman) of their community. Ah! It looked so magical! In those few moments, I experienced a wider range of emotions. From fear, to anxiety, to excitement, to happiness, I experienced everything!

But along with all these emotions there was something more. I was in a ‘no mind’ zone, very much ”present’ and ‘into’ the reality. As if a part of my existence was lying there, unprotected. I had experienced all my emotions ‘without trying to control them’. I was with them, not resisting anything, not judging anything.

In short, I was aware that ‘I was aware’.

For that brief moment I experienced the beauty of nature and it’s creation. It took me a moment to realize that how relaxed I was now, and how beautifully everything is crafted in the nature. We strive hard to make things turn according to our choices, but the grace of nature lies in the way things are! I was calm, and got up with a joy. A joy I was familiar with. A happiness which was very much similar to what I feel every time I go for a walk into a trail nearby.
Do you ever notice similar emotions?

  • How does it feel when it rains and you are outside enjoying the drops, feeling it on your body?
  • Does it make you feel alive when you smell the wet soil? Don’t you want to soak it all?
  • What happens when you see the majestic beauty of a waterfall, completely bringing your attention into the moment?
Let’s take a pause, and create this moment together.
You are walking down the street with a hell lot of tension and worries about your project deadline, and suddenly a gentle cool air flows through you!
Does it take away all your worries? If not for a longer period, for a moment at least? Most probably Yes…
And that’s because nature heals.
It feeds the soul. It feeds your existence. It heals you, and helps you connect with something much greater than ourselves at a deeper level.
A long walk in the forest and you suddenly start feeling that you are part of it. The chirping birds, those whispers of the forest makes you as it has embraced you completely in itself. Nature doesn’t judge you. It give you space to open up, to get deeply rooted into ‘Being’.  We talk about God, we read about him and each of us have different opinion, different perception of God. But more than the books, he is found in the color of a flower, vastness of an ocean and stillness of a tree.
Nature is a pathway towards God. It’s the easiest way to experience the divinity.  And this divinity is all about love, hope and healing. When you connect with nature, you connect with God who is eternal, unconditional, selfless and pure.

No wonder it heals what ails us……

Love and peace always,