Hiya people,

Couple of days ago, I was returning from somewhere when I saw a group of kids getting in the subway same as mine. We all got down at the same station, and went ahead to take a different train to our next route. It was pure love to walk behind them, listening to their giggles, and cute one liner stories.

As we took the stairs for different train, we saw our train on the platform. In hope of catching it before the door closes, the kids ran, and so did I with them. We were just 10-12 feet away from the train when the door closed. I was Okay. ‘Will catch the next train’:  With this thought in mind, I turned towards the kids who together had shouted, ‘Oh No!!’

The enthusiasm of achieving something was missed by few seconds. And there was sadness.  Looks like the driver of the train heard their sad voice. As the kids started scattering with their shoulders down, the door suddenly opened again. And you see !! They ran to get in while I accompanied them. Just as we entered the train, the big ‘Oh No!’ got replaced by a big ‘Yaay’, and I could see each one of them giving hi-five to another little man.

For a moment I felt like I was in my childhood again, having big joy in those little things. As I write this, I listen to the giggling of a four year neighbor’s boy who has just returned from school, and is trying to be first in race with his Dad! Ah! What joy it is to listen to this! I was similar to them, I was a kid too. And I would find joy in everyday’s chore.

Walking in rain was fun, seeing butterflies was magical, counting stars was an achievement, and feeding the birds was life!

But then I grew up! Happiness was now reserved for just those days when I would achieve some milestone. More than ‘Feeling Happy’ every moment I was spent ‘In pursuit of Happiness’.

‘What if I take this vacation? ‘

‘How about buying this stuff? ‘

‘Let’s get this promotion and it would be so wonderful!’

You see, there were many external factors I would think would give me a push, a joy missing from my life. But these external factors failed to provide the joy they had promised. As soon as I achieved them, I found a new goal and felt into the trap again.There was something wrong with this way! But the ultimate destination of this whole life is to be happy, right?

β€œHappiness is as a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but which if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” β€” Nathaniel Hawthorne  

For days, I tried to find out ways to get my childhood back, to get excited in little things, to think how to make my days better, and love my imperfect life perfectly. And here a little experiment I am doing.

My routine in monotonous. While writing journal, I now take few moments to think about what is something different I would do tomorrow besides the monotonous activity I do every day. While my everyday routine remains the same, I try to add a little change in same life.

  • How about going to that shop which is on my way to Yoga class? Or visiting that church which is at a little distance from my home, but I hardly cared to go there.
  • What if today I do a little experiment while cooking the same lentil soup? How about using a Quinoa bread instead of Whole grain bread in dinner?
  • Let’s make my Yoga teacher smile today by telling her how happy I am to get her as my guide.
  • How about calling my brother today, and remembering all the childhood memories together.
  • Let’s take out some moment and watch my marriage video together with husband.
  • I also try to honor my Saturdays now, and try to spend it with husband and friends. I take time to do things I love to do, may be watching an old movie!

Doing all this, I make sure that to write those feelings in my journal everyday i.e How I felt experiencing it.

Here is what I observed after following this for days: Happiness is not something we can pursue. It can not be found by external ways,  we have to create it. You see, I was creating those moments during the day and savoring them while writing them in my diary in evening.

Happiness was there, in those little moments! It is also available right now, in this moment. Though I can’t be happier the way a kid can be, I am happy to see the colors of my life unfolding in front of me. And I am glad that I am not waiting for ‘something to happen’ to make me happy. I am rather creating it, in those little things, in my every day.

Though my life is not perfect, today is the perfect time to be happy.

What are your ways to find happiness in everyday’s life? Share it in comments, may be it can help me! πŸ™‚

Peace and alignment,